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Mar 15, 2011 6:30am EDT
. >> seth goldman gets into a new food and it will compliment the cake creations. >>> and the man fed up with his credit card companies makes a statement when he pays off the bill. the unusual and incredibly frustrating way he paid it off. i am going to like this. >>> now "good morning maryland." >>> 6:37 right now. a consume air remember the to tell you about this morning. lean cuisine is recalling packageed meals because of red plastic pieces were found inside meat balls. you will want to know about this if you have it. nestle is recalling lean quiz seen simple favorites spaghetti with meat ball packages produced in a one hour period last october. nestle did not say pom people found plast nick food but say no injuries were reported. anyone who has the product should call the company a the number on the screen. 866-606-8264. >>> baltimore cake man is diving into something that could be served with some of his gorgeous creations. he signed a deal with blue bunny to star his own line of ice cream. the flavors will of course be cake inspired and will be sold in baltimore starting this mont
Mar 17, 2011 12:00am EDT
seth rogen. so that was very cool. >> jimmy: who is also an alien. from canada. and we have a clip here. do you need to stet the clip up? >> basically, when my character realizes that there's no god and there's no sinning that she kind of realizes she can do whatever she wants. >> jimmy: time to cut loose. >> and she's made some moves on simon's character because she thinks, well, i have to get going. >> jimmy: the movie is called "paul" and opens friday. >> when you kissed me yesterday, that was funny. >> sorry. >> so. i was like, get off me your rapist. no. you can do it again if you like. >> really? >> if you're going to try it, maybe you should do it with a friend, rather than someone like a stranger, because there's a lot of weirdos out there. >> well, i am planning on doing a lot. you'd really be helping me out. >> great. >> jimmy: well, there you go. kristen wiig in "paul." thank you, kristen. we'll be right back with adam scott. re i started taking abili, i was taking an antidepressant alone. most days i could put on a brave face and muddle through. but other days i still strugg
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2